Blake Antarctic Ambassador

Heritage Restoration Award (Antarctic Heritage Trust)

Antarctic Heritage Trust (AHT) is a New Zealand-based charity with a vision of inspiring explorers. AHT’s mission is to conserve, share and encourage the spirit of exploration. AHT is engaged in a long-term cold climate conservation project to protect the Antarctic explorers’ legacy: the bases and the artefacts they left behind in Antarctica’s Ross Sea region for current and future generations. The AHT’s Ross Sea Heritage Restoration Project (RSHRP) is a world leading heritage project to conserve human heritage in a polar environment. This project enjoys significant international profile and funding and the support of the New Zealand Government at the highest level.

The focus of the position will be to support AHT to conserve Hillary’s Hut. There may also be an opportunity to assist with the ongoing Maintenance and Monitoring Phase of the Ross Sea Heritage Restoration Project at Shackleton’s and Scott’s Huts on Ross Island, Antarctica. A key part of the role is to communicate the work of the Trust and that undertaken by the Blake Antarctic Ambassador. The Blake Antarctic Ambassador is made possible by the logistics support of Antarctica New Zealand.

Time frame: November - January (up to 3 months)


  • 18-25 years of age at time of application;
  • A New Zealand citizen or a New Zealand resident;
  • Able to demonstrate a passion for New Zealand’s natural environment ;
  • Able to demonstrate a contribution to New Zealand's natural environment;
  • Able to demonstrate experience in remote outdoor settings;
  • In exceptional health with a high standard of fitness;
  • Able to show leadership potential;
  • Hard working, adaptable and a team player;
  • Independent, self-confident and self-reliant;
  • Articulate and experienced at presentations and public speaking;
  • Able to show a high standard of writing ability.


To complete the application for the Blake Antarctic Ambassadorship please ensure you:

  • Complete the online application
  • Complete the attached application form

Applications are Closed

Application Form - Blake Antarctic Ambassador

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