Are you a secondary school teacher with a passion for the environment? The Sir Peter Blake Environmental Educator Award is a partnership between The Sir Peter Blake Trust and the Ministry of Education.

This award promotes science, care for the environment, and professional development for inspiring and motivated teachers. In our true Sir Peter Blake spirit, we send you to sea to experience some unique and challenging environments, and connect you with scientists and experts.

What will I be doing?

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity allows one teacher each year to be an Educator at Sea on board a Young Blake Expedition, attend our Youth EnviroLeaders’ Forum, and spend a term working full-time with us at the Trust. During that time you’ll create environmental education resources.

What does the award cover?

  • An Educator at Sea berth on a Young Blake Expedition
  • Teacher release costs paid to your school
  • Associated travel costs

What will be expected of me?

  • Develop learning resources and units of work based on your experiences with us
  • Mentor for students involved with the Trust
  • Be a champion of the award in your school, community, and the media
  • Develop environmental education networks and promote the Award
  • Pass all medical and other clearances required by us and our partner organisations

What about my school/job?

Your school needs to be 100% supportive of your application. They’ll need to be excited about promoting environmental education throughout the school for the year. We’ll pay for teacher release during your commitments with us so your role can be covered during that time.


You’ll travel during your time with us. First you’ll join the year’s Young Blake Expedition, spend a full term with us and be part of our Youth EnviroLeaders’ Forum. This will include time spent at the Sir Peter Blake Trust office in Auckland.

Want to apply?

To be considered for this award you’ll be:

  • Available at the dates and locations specified above
  • A New Zealand citizen, resident or permanent resident
  • A fully registered, permanent full-time employed secondary school teacher, in at least your third year of teaching the NZ Curriculum
  • Experienced in teaching science, geography, or another environment-related field
  • Fully supported by your Principal and Board, who’ll be willing to have a school-wide focus on environmental education for the year
  • Passionate about the environment
  • Brilliant at developing engaging, inspiring learning resources
  • Fit and healthy

History of the Award

The award was re-launched in 2013/2014. Bernard Potter from St Kentigern College joined the Young Blake Expedition to the Southern Ocean and Sub-Antarctic in February 2014, and completed a term's secondment at the Sir Peter Blake Trust. Bernard has created these resources on the Sub-Antarctic, based on his experiences.

Nicholas Kingston from Birkenhead College received the 2014/15 award. Nicholas travelled to the Auckland Islands in February last year abroad the RV Polaris II with a team of scientists from the University of Otago and GNS Science as the Educator at Sea. Nicholas has created contextual learning resources on the Sub-Antarctic including an Auckland Islands ecosystem poster Our Southern Wilderness Revealed, based on his experiences last year.

Cherie Fenemor from Freyberg High School joined the Young Blake Expedition to the Southern Ocean and Sub-Antarctic as the Educator at Sea in February 2016. Cherie has just completed a term’s secondment at the Sir Peter Blake Trust and has developed new contextual learning resources on the Sub-Antarctic, including an Auckland Islands marine ecosystem poster Our Southern Wilderness Revealed II, based on her experiences this year.

Vaughn Filmer from Fiordland College is the Environmental Educator for 2017 and is about to emark on the Southwest Pacific Expedition led by the Auckland Museum on board RV Braveheart. Vaughn will develop new learning resources in Term 3.

Applications close 24 July, 2017.