Dream Team Preparation for Schools

Dream Cards

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Dream Team Student Action Plan

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Dream Team Preparation for Schools

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This lesson plan will best prepare your classroom for their Dream Team visit.

Since 2007, the Sir Peter Blake Trust Leadership Week has been a time where New Zealand celebrates great leadership. The Sir Peter Blake Trust Leadership Week takes place in the final week of Term 2, and is a time where New Zealand celebrates great leadership. Use the opportunity to recognise, encourage and talk about leadership with your students.

We want to encourage all Kiwis to back themselves to achieve their dreams - not to let failures stand in the way of achieving success, but rather to learn from mistakes and use them to help adapt and strengthen the plan towards achieving their goals, just as Sir Peter Blake did.

The Dream Team is a group of 300 inspiring leaders who visit a school each throughout New Zealand (either in person or by video) and inspire students with their story, and encourage students to dream big to continue Sir Peter Blake’s legacy.

The theme for 2016 is #believeyoucan, which is taken directly from Sir Peter’s last voyage when he wrote,
‘To win, you have to believe you can do it’.

Once you have read this out, explain to the students the reason why you want them involved in Leadership Week and what you hope they will get from the Dream Team experience.

In the weeks before your Dream Team leader visits you, it is useful to give your students some pre-work around the topic of leadership to help prepare them for the visit. The three topics most useful to cover off are below.

  1. Learn about who Sir Peter Blake was and why he never gave up on achieving his dreams.
  2. Start discussing what leadership means to you — who are some of your students’ inspirational heroes.
  3. Find out who your Dream Team leader is going to be and do some research on them.

Student Activity Sheet

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- Ask the students to write down on the Student Activity Sheet what they already know about Sir Peter Blake. Get them to share ideas with the whole group.

- Play the video ‘Famous Red Socks’. This video explains a bit more about who Sir Peter Blake was, his achievements, and how he made red socks famous. Students can note down on the activity sheet what leadership means to them after watching the video.

If you would like to find out more about Sir Peter Blake, complete Lesson Plans ‘Learn about Leadership 1 – A Nation’s Leader’, ‘Learn about Leadership 2 – Character’ and ‘Sir Peter Blake Worksheet’.

Learn about Leadership 1 - A Nation's Leader

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Learn about Leadership 2 - Character

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Sir Peter Blake Worksheet

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- Play the video ‘Lessons in Leadership for Young New Zealanders’. This video, especially designed for young Kiwis, features interviews with great Kiwi leaders in business, science, charity work and more. Students should note down the 5 ‘lessons in leadership’ as they watch the video, and a quote that stands out to them.

- Use the Leadership Poster to have a brainstorm/discussion with your students about who New Zealand’s great leaders are, and what leadership means.

- Ask the students to think about who they think are great leaders and role models in their school (eg. maybe in their Sports or Cultural Club) and wider community. Give them a few minutes to think about this. You can discuss what makes a good leader and what makes a great leader. If they can't think of someone on their own maybe get them to pair up with someone or help them and suggest a few possibilities. Once done, get them to complete on the student activity sheet – ‘who do you think is a good leader’ and ‘what qualities do they possess that make them a great leader?

You can also use this as a basis to see how much they know about what makes a great leader and you can then alter any further lessons you have on leadership (sirpeterblaketrust.org/resources).

Leadership Poster - What is Leadership?

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A member of the Dream Team will be visiting your school during Leadership Week, either in person or through video link. You should have been emailed some information about who your Dream Team Leader is, what their role is, and a little bit about their leadership story. If not, contact Kelly.

- Encourage your students to do some research on your Dream Team Leader and their role/company before the visit, and think about what their leadership qualities may be.

- Ask your students to start thinking of questions they may like to ask their Dream Team Leader, and write these on the Student Activity Sheet.

If they are up for it, get the students to start thinking about what their dreams and goals are for themselves and for New Zealand.

What’s next?

During your Dream Team visit or just afterwards, get your students to complete the Dream Cards (your Dream Team Leader will bring these, and they are available below).

Dream Cards

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After the Dream Team visit, get your students to complete the ‘My Dream Action Plan’ worksheet.

Dream Action Plan

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You can display these on your classroom wall and refer back to these during the year to continue encouraging them to turn their dreams into reality.We’d also love for you to share these on our website, by emailing photos of them to kelly@sirpeterblaketrust.org or using them on your own classroom blogs and social channels with the #believeyoucan.

We hope you have an amazing Leadership Week!

For more lesson plans and resources on leadership and developing your own students’ leadership skills, visit sirpeterblaketrust.org/resources.

Special thanks to Anna Campbell from Hawera High School for helping to create all of these wonderful resources.

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