The red socks story

In 1995 one of our greatest New Zealanders did an extraordinary thing. He pulled on a humble pair of red socks and took on the most powerful teams in the world to win one of the oldest and most coveted sporting trophies.

Now, over 20 years later, those red socks have become a tribute to Sir Peter Blake and a symbol of what we love most about being Kiwis. No matter the odds or the competition we face, if we set our sights on a goal, we can achieve it. Today, Sir Peter Blake's red socks have become a reminder of his legacy to dream big, and a celebration of the indomitable Kiwi spirit that makes those dreams happen. Celebrate Red Socks Day with thousands of Kiwis who proudly put on and pull up their red socks to celebrate and remember a Kiwi legend.

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The story of Sir Peter Blake's famous Red Socks!

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What makes red socks so lucky?

Before every big event, Pippa Blake gave Peter a new pair of socks. On Christmas eve of 1994 it was a red pair which he wore for the first race of the 1995 World Cup Series. He wore them, and they won. They went on to win every race with Peter wearing the socks, losing only once when Peter and his socks were off the boat. So it was decided that the socks were lucky and were worn throughout the campaign which ended in a huge victory for New Zealand.

Red socks can be a symbol of whatever successes and dreams you're passionate about. They can be used as a reminder of what our nation can and has achieved with determination and willpower. Or they can be used to celebrate and support the work currently being done by the Sir Peter Blake Trust in his name - inspiring and motivating the next generation of Kiwi leaders, adventurers and environmentalists to dream big!

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