Blake Leader Awards

The annual Sir Peter Blake Leadership Awards are the premier awards for leadership achievement in New Zealand. By highlighting the contribution of these Blake Leaders, the Sir Peter Blake Trust hopes to turn the spotlight on leadership in New Zealand, inspiring and motivating all Kiwis to make a difference.

Nominations for the 2019 Blake Leadership Awards will open in March. 

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Blake Leader Awards

The recipients of the 2018 Blake Leader and Blake Medal Awards are left to right: Peter Beck, Sandra Alofivae, Soana Pamaka, Dame Tariana Turia, Rochelle Constantine, Miles Gegory, and David Cameron. 

Blake Leaders and Blake Medalist 2018

Image of Dame Tariana Turia

Dame Tariana Turia

Blake Medallist 2018

Image of Rochelle Constantine

Rochelle Constantine

Associate Professor, University of Auckland

Blake Leader - Environment 2018

Image of Soana Akolotu Pamaka

Soana Akolotu Pamaka

Principal at Tamaki College

Blake Leader 2018

Image of Miles Gregory

Miles Gregory

Founder of the Pop-up Globe theatre

Blake Leader 2018

Image of Peter Beck

Peter Beck

Founder and CEO of Rocket Lab

Blake Leader 2018

Image of Ali’imuamua Sandra Alofivae

Ali’imuamua Sandra Alofivae


Blake Leader 2018

Image of David Cameron

David Cameron

Co-founder and CEO of LearnCoach

Blake Leader 2018


BLAKE LEADER AWARD: The Blake Leader Award is presented to up to five mid-career leaders each year. It recognises inspirational leaders who have determination, a will to succeed, and a belief in achieving extraordinary things.

BLAKE LEADER - ENVIRONMENT AWARDThe Blake Leader - Environment Award recognises an inspiring leader who shows exceptional environmental leadership.

BLAKE MEDAL AWARD: The Blake Medal is our premium award for outstanding leadership achievement in New Zealand. This prestigious award helps us to identify, acknowledge and celebrate the top echelon of New Zealand leaders who have made an outstanding contribution to this country over their lifetime. We make one award each year.


Successful candidates will have set a course which is of value to the country, and used their talents and abilities to encourage others to follow their lead. They will have the following characteristics:

  • Show outstanding leadership
  • Demonstrate the ability to build and lead successful teams
  • Display some or all of the characteristics that Sir Peter Blake himself demonstrated:
    • determination and the will to succeed
    • belief in achieving extraordinary things
    • a willingness to learn
    • a desire for constant improvement
    • the initiative to pursue an idea
    • trusting and empowering teammates
    • integrity
    • working hard
    • having fun
  • A passion for the environment
  • Demonstrate a commitment to New Zealand (and be a New Zealand citizen)

Blake Medallists will meet the criteria above and will have done so over a sustained period of time.