Dream Team Sessions

Thanks to MediaWorks and The MediaWorks Foundation we have these inspiring online sessions with incredible New Zealanders, to share with every student in every classroom. You can either watch these as a class or let you students discover them for themselves. Click on the button below to access them.


What is the Dream Team?

Thank you to all our fantastic 2017 Dream Team Leaders!

Led by the Governor-General of New Zealand, The Right Hon. Dame Patsy Reddy, The Sir Peter Blake Trust Dream Team is a group of inspirational Kiwi leaders who every year aim to inspire thousands of Kiwi kids to follow their dreams. They visit schools to tell their stories, plant seeds of inspiration, and encourage young New Zealanders to have big dreams and back themselves to make them happen. The Dream Team happens during Leadership Week from 3 - 7 July 2017.

Proudly supported by Chapman Tripp, this year's Dream Team saw 320 inspiring leaders reach almost 400 schools, either in person or online (or both).

The theme for 2017's programme was #believeyoucan, which is taken directly from Sir Peter’s last voyage when he wrote, ‘To win, you have to believe you can do it’. We want to encourage all Kiwis to back themselves to achieve their dreams - just as Sir Peter Blake did.

We created some fantastic resources for schools to assist them with preparing their students for the Dream Team.

Resources for Schools

Preparation for Schools
Preparation for Schools

An explanatory document for teachers about how to prepare your class for their Dream Team visit.

Dream Card
Dream Card

Dream Cards for your students to write down their dreams

Dream Action Plan
Dream Action Plan

An action plan for students to fill out to help them achieve their dream.

What is Leadership Poster
What is Leadership Poster

Poster to encourage discussion on What is Leadership?

Who are the Dream Team?

The Dream Team includes high-profile New Zealanders, such as Parris Goebel, Sophie Pascoe, Jerome Kaino and Steve Dunstan, as well as CEOs, adventurers, scientists, business leaders and entertainers.

Students at schools across the country benefit from inspirational Kiwi Leaders sharing their stories and encouraging students to have big dreams and back themselves to make them happen.


All it takes is one classroom-sized group of Kiwi kids and one hour. The Dream Team Leader will do the rest.
  • Who would you like your Leader to talk to - your classroom, your prefects, a leadership group?
  • Start the conversation about leadership in the weeks leading up to your visit.
  • Learn about who Sir Peter Blake was and why he never gave up on achieving his dreams.
  • Start discussing what leadership means to you — who are some of your students’ inspirational heroes.


The Dream Team is about an inspirational conversation rather than a speech or formal school address. As great leaders in your own right we want you to do what you do so well. Be yourself (after all, that’s what got you to where you are), have fun, and be prepared to:
  • Tell your story - talk about your own dreams growing up and what you did to make these dreams happen.
  • Connect dreams to actions - talk about great Kiwi heroes who acted on their dreams like Sir Peter Blake did.
  • Encourage our kids to dream big - get them to talk about their dreams and aspirations for themselves, for NZ, and for the planet.

To win, you have to believe you can do it. You have to be passionate about it. You have to really want the result, even if this means years of hard work. ”

Sir Peter Blake

Proudly supported by

“We are very proud of our history with the Trust and our association with the Dream Team programme. On my first day as Chief Executive Partner, I visited Westmere School | Te Rehu to talk firstly to all their students and then to their Year 5 and 6 students. They responded with fine speeches and a haka to bring the roof down! It was a privilege to spend time with such motivated and enthusiastic children.”

“The characteristics that the Trust seeks to inspire are those that any CEO would value in their leadership teams: determination, a willingness to learn; a desire for constant improvement; initiative; teamwork. Leaders can come from any walk of life. That’s why the work of the Trust is so important; inspiring many Kiwi children to follow their dreams. Leadership development is certainly essential to our business, and reflected in our core values. We need our people to be thought leaders; to dream big and believe in themselves.”

Nick Wells, Chapman Tripp Chief Executive Partner