If we can't take every child to the ocean, let's bring the ocean to every child.

The Sir Peter Blake Trust, in partnership with New Zealand Geographic, is excited to announce our newest experiential learning programme for students - NZ-VR, our newest outreach programme which we hope will connect thousands of young Kiwis with the marine environment, launching into schools in 2019. Students will experience the rich biodiversity that exists below the surface of the Hauraki Gulf and connected open spaces, as well as the damage that's been done to the ecosystem. They'll come away with actions they can take to protect the environment and gain a much deeper sense of kaitiakitanga. 

Schools can use the virtual reality videos in their own classrooms supplemented by our curriculum-linked teaching resources, available to download below.

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Auckland Schools:

In 2019, we are launching an Auckland roadshow where our travelling educator will come to your school with a class-set of virtual reality headsets. They will run a 50 minute session with as many classes as you would like, up to 4 per day. You can choose which session topic you would like for each class - either OverfishingPollution, or a general Environmental Inspiration session. Students to experience a number of underwater virtual reality videos that compare and contrast pristine marine environments and degraded ones, learn about what causes them, and find out what actions can be taken to protect the marine environment. Our Auckland roadshow is currently fully booked for 2019, but please register to join our waiting list here

Teaching Resources:

Use our teacher resources alongside the virtual reality videos to get the best out of the videos in your classroom. You can access the 360 videos on your own devices (including smartphones, iPads, chromebooks, cardboard headsets or computers). Our first set of resources are now available below, and are based on the topic of Fishing to teach a range of both Science and Social Studies content, including marine reserves, food webs, overfishing and taking action. The full unit consists of a four-lesson sequence, and variations are available for both Primary and Secondary School teachers. Units are high impact and action-oriented and intend to engage, educate and empower students.  Please contact us if you would like to purchase some $10 cardboard headsets for your class. More resources are currently being developed.

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NZ-VR 'Fishing' Teaching Resources - Primary

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NZ-VR 'Fishing' Teaching Resources - Secondary

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Public access

The NZ-VR Project is not just for schools and students, everyone can access these incredible 360 degree videos and explore the wonder of New Zealand’s natural environments. The project aspires to give every New Zealander, regardless of location, socio-economic status or ethnicity, an unforgettable experience of the wildest parts of New Zealand’s realm, to promote understanding, engagement and a deeper sense of kaitiakitanga.

Have a look - and remember it's 360 video, so if you're on a desktop, click and drag the video to look all around you (desktop) or move your mobile around to get the full experience.


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