What is Leadership Poster

What is Leadership poster

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- Play the video ‘Lessons in Leadership for Young New Zealanders’. This video, especially designed for young Kiwis, features interviews with great Kiwi leaders in business, science, charity work and more. Students should note down the 5 ‘lessons in leadership’ as they watch the video, and a quote that stands out to them.

- Use the Leadership Poster to have a brainstorm/discussion with your students about who New Zealand’s great leaders are, and what leadership means.

- Ask the students to think about who they think are great leaders and role models in their school (eg. maybe in their Sports or Cultural Club) and wider community. Give them a few minutes to think about this. You can discuss what makes a good leader and what makes a great leader. If they can't think of someone on their own maybe get them to pair up with someone or help them and suggest a few possibilities. Once done, get them to complete on the student activity sheet – ‘who do you think is a good leader’ and ‘what qualities do they possess that make them a great leader?

You can also use this as a basis to see how much they know about what makes a great leader and you can then alter any further lessons you have on leadership (sirpeterblaketrust.org/resources).