Red Socks Day

In 1995 one of our greatest New Zealanders did an extraordinary thing. He pulled on a humble pair of Red Socks and took on the most powerful teams in the world to win one of the oldest and most coveted sporting trophies – the America’s Cup.

Today, Sir Peter Blake's Red Socks have become a reminder of the importance of dreaming big, and a celebration of the indomitable Kiwi spirit that makes those dreams happen.

This year, Red Socks Day is taking place on Friday 6 July. We celebrated being a nation of people who have big dreams, and go out and make them happen - like Sir Peter Blake did. Buy a pair of Red Socks and pull them on for Red Socks Day to support the Sir Peter Blake Trust and continue Sir Peter's legacy of inspiring young Kiwis to achieve their dreams.

There are a number of ways you can get involved:

  • Buy a pair of Red Socks by emailing us here
  • Organise a Red Socks Day event at your school, organisation or workplace. Register your Red Socks Day event with us here
  • Take a photo or make a video of yourself or a group of friends/family/colleagues wearing Red Socks and share it on social media using #redsocksday
  • Fundraise for the Sir Peter Blake Trust by doing a Red Socks Challenge -

The Red Socks Story

Before every big yachting campaign, Sir Peter Blake’s wife Pippa gave him a new pair of socks, for good luck. On Christmas Eve in 1994 she gave him a red pair, and he wore them for the first race of the 1995 America's Cup campaign in San Diego - and they won! And every time the New Zealand yacht Black Magic went on the water for the rest of the series Blake would wear them. On one occasion he was injured and couldn't race, so there were no red socks on board, and for the only time in the 1995 campaign the black boat lost. So it was decided that the socks were lucky and the team started to wear red socks throughout the campaign. They continued to win, ending in a huge victory for New Zealand. In support of the challenge, many New Zealanders wore red socks, from the prime minister to bus drivers.

Now, over 20 years later, those red socks have become a tribute to Sir Peter Blake and a symbol of what we love most about being kiwis. No matter what the odds or the competition we face, if we set our sights on a goal, we can achieve it.

Today, Red Socks are what we wear when we dream big. They are how we encourage others to achieve their dreams and thank those special people that help us to realise our own. They can be used as a reminder of what our nation can and has achieved with determination and willpower. And we use them to celebrate and support the work of the Sir Peter Blake Trust, who are inspiring and motivating the next generation of Kiwi leaders, adventurers and environmentalists to dream big!


Red Socks Challenge

If you’re feeling inspired to set yourself an awesome goal or dream and would like to support the Sir Peter Blake Trust at the same time, then you can do a Red Socks Challenge! Check out and you’ll find heaps of cool ideas for challenges you can do and rally the support of your family and friends to help you raise money for Sir Peter Blake Trust as you do it.
 Sir Peter Blake Trust works to help those in need in our communities and change their lives for the better. We rely heavily on community support, and a large portion of this is from fundraising events and activities involving dedicated people like you. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination, so get creative and go for it!

The story of Sir Peter Blake's famous Red Socks!